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  • 22/11/2004 : 1 wallpaper added, section download.
  • 18/06/2004 : 5 vehicles added.
    and more coming soon...
  • 24/02/2004 : Addition of the section "features".
    Quick description of each vehicle already done.
  • 20/02/2004 : Launch of the Battlelion website.
    There is not a lot of thing now, but it will come with time ;)


BattleLion is an multiplayer action / tactics 3D game project. We mainly want to create something that you would want to play sometimes, not the "game of the year". Simple & fun, in other words...


  • Tactics and action are merged to give a simple gameplay... Two teams, a base in which you can buy vehicles and prepare for battle, and the objective is to destroy the opponents base by one out of two means : front attack (quite hard but requires few tactics), or the destruction of an anti-air building and the calling of a bomber force.
  • This will be a cross-platform game ! (Linux & Windows, essentially, but MacOS will probably be operational).

Project status

Project is currently being refactored to fit new developpent dispositions.

Major points

3D Engine : 5% (about 33% before refactoring)
Physics engine : 0% (about 60% before refactoring, but with some bugs)
2D Display : 0%
Gameplay : 0% (about 5% before refactoring)
Sound : 0%

Technically speaking...

BattleLion is written in C++, uses OpenGL and will use SDL library (www.libsdl.org), which is under LGPL licence. The project is mainly a game we develop for fun (fun is in development AND will be in playing !). As it will be a action / tactics game, it will have these features (which are quite common for a game of that type) :

  • 3D engine, implemented with openGL, no specific features (this will be a small engine at first, so it will have no big FX)
  • Physics engine, a simple one with collisions detection and forces applied to solid objects, no deformations
  • An octree, to display a scene with many objects without having to check the presence of all of them in the fustrum, and to accelerate the collisions detection
  • 2D display, for the HUD & the in-game menus
  • Multiplayer in TCP or UDP as in most multiplayer games (just a IP and a port to send a few data...)
  • Inputs from keyboard and mouse, using SDL lib
  • Sounds played using SDL lib
  • Textures and model pool (A class that gives access to textures or models without loading twice the same)
  • TGA decoder for textures
  • ASE decoder for models (Is ASE free to use ? If not, we'll use another, as DXF)
  • Home-made file format for maps of the games
  • A very simple IA, to test some features without having human players
  • In-game console to change settings

Note that we will probably port it from french to english, once it will be to a beta sate (The game will be playable even if you do not speak a word of french, as it isn't a RPG...). We will of course concentrate on gameplay fisrt (as our team is very limited)...

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